Protect Your Property From Erosion

Start with retaining wall excavating in the Galesburg, Springfield & Kalamazoo, MI areas

You work hard to keep your yard beautiful, so you don't want soil erosion to leave your property looking like a mess. Make sure your yard has the erosion protection it needs with a sturdy and stylish retaining wall. Soil Friends Excavating, LLC offers retaining wall excavating services in the Galesburg, Springfield & Kalamazoo, MI areas.

Our crew can...

  • Prepare the site and foundation
  • Transit laser the area
  • Help you select the right block colors
  • Install your new wall and drainage system
  • Spread topsoil and plant new grass

Whether you're getting a new retaining wall or replacing an old one, we can help. Break ground on your project by scheduling retaining wall excavating services today.

Create a beautiful outdoor lounge space

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, you'll need a lounge space where you can relax and entertain guests. Soil Friends Excavating can handle your patio excavating, so you can build the perfect outdoor space for your needs. We'll prepare the foundation, get your materials and prep the space for new concrete. Speak with our patio excavating crew today.